Income Requirements

All Lessees, including Guarantors and co-signors, must be income qualified on their own merit. Persons who wish to reside in an apartment together must complete separate rental applications.

Verifiable income includes employment, monthly stipends, trusts, annuities, and interest and dividends. Bank accounts and the principal on all financial instruments (within three months of maturity) will be considered as supplementary income only and at 50% of their stated value. Commissions, bonuses, lump-sum student loans, real estate, stocks, etc. are not considered income. All bank accounts and sources of income must be based in the United States and have been established for a minimum of one-year.


Wilson Group will accept guarantors for students who do not meet our income requirements. Guarantors must be a parent or legal guardian and meet the following requirements:

  • → You must be living and working in the United States unless otherwise agreed by Wilson Group.
  • → Your total bills (including mortgage or rent) when combined with the rent of the apartment for which you wish to guarantee may not exceed 40% of your gross income.
  • → Must provide three most recent paystubs or, if self-employed, you must supply the first page of your tax return Form 1040 from the two most recent years.
  • → Your credit must be in good standing.


All pertinent information must be submitted at the time of applying. To secure an apartment, applicants must provide the following:

  • → A completed Wilson Group’s rental application.
  • → A completed Wilson Group’s Guarantor application.
  • → A deposit in the amount of one month’s rent by cashier’s check.
  • → Deposits are non-refundable unless application is not approved. We do not accept cash or credit cards.


By signing the application the applicant is authorizing Wilson Group to run a credit and/or bank check, employment verification and landlord reference. All inquiries regarding employment verification and previous and/or present landlord references will be faxed / emailed directly to the applicant’s supervisor, personnel department or landlord.

Self-Employed Applicants must provide a copy of their two (2) most recent tax returns (Form 1040) as well as the first page of all schedules that appear on your return.

Landlord References must be provided for the past three (3) years including dormitories. Homeowners must provide proof such as deed or mortgage verification.

Applications must be approved within five (5) business days. If Wilson Group is unable to approve an application for any reason within this time, we reserve the right to terminate the application. If Wilson Group continues to process this application with the approval of the applicant, the deposit will no longer be refundable under any circumstances.

Rental Application

Thank you for your interest in renting from Wilson Group Property Management

Please download the form below with guidelines explaining our Residency requirements and application procedures. Please review the document carefully as it will become an Addendum to your Lease Agreement.



Please download and fill out form, then email it to us.